[I live in a small town in Scotland.  Scotland does not get sunshine.  It’s a fact.  On the rare days it’s lovely enough to sit outside without catching pneumonia I always seem to be working.  Well not yesterday.  After taking my mother laptop shopping which took a lot longer than I anticipated I was able to spend a good few hours basking in the sun.  I got to scribble a few things out, read a few chapters of a book and listen to an episode of one of my favourite podcasts.  All in all it was a lovely relaxed day.  There is however a consequence of sitting out in the sun for too long when you’re not used to it.  The following is a short poem on that very consequence, enjoy!]





I watch as you slowly make your way across the sky

Bathing me in warmth from way up on high


A sea of blue above me take all my silly troubles away

Reading writing and relaxing making the most of this glorious day


Lazing away the afternoon, life could never be this simple

That’s when my arms start turning red and being to sting and tingle


It’s possible I may have been out here a little too long

I really should have thought ahead and put some sun block on!




5 thoughts on “Burnt

    1. Yes you may have been over prepared for the ending. Nothing serious just me being my usual foolish self. The pain reminds me I’m alive…and Scottish. Haha. Why thank you my dear, im glad you like the arm, it comes as part of a set…oh and they’re flexible😘 Ahahaha!!!!


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