To My Colleague and Friend

[I’ve not been having the best of times lately.  A lot of the problems I’ve experienced have centred on my job.  I won’t go into details, suffice to say I’m not as happy as I used to be.  Through it all there has been a constant angel.  A colleague and friend who didn’t need to be there but was, whether it was to listen or whether I was to distract.  While sharing stories of my recent experiences writing I was jokingly asked to write a poem.  We traded acrostic poems using our names.  It was a fun little distraction from a dull day.  Shortly after I went on to write something a little more meaningful.  It appeared to go down well and I was given permission to share it here.  So Steven this post is for you, whether you see it or not, thank you for being around.  I hope the rest of you reading this enjoy this simple sentiment…]


Whether good or bad you’re always there

Laughter or tears, no judgements, just care

I’m always excited to hear your point of view

I hope that I’m able to do the same for you


When I know you’re around, I’m far more content

I know I don’t say it, but to me you’re important.

You’re the only good reason for coming to work

As I know that I’ll be able to leave with a smirk!


13 thoughts on “To My Colleague and Friend

    1. I’m certainly not in the most plesent of work environments but having someone there that is just fun to be around makes the day so much better. All my social anxiety makes it hard for me to make friends and do someone to cut through that and brighten my day.


    1. I’m absolutely terrible with quotes. This could certainly be interesting. Good thing I’m off work the next two days. Looks like I’ll be taking advantage of the sunshine and doing research I’m my garden. Have you got any more homework that needs done?? Ahaha. Thanks for the nomination, jokes aside I really appreciate it!!

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        1. Please don’t rush to find any, I have enough of my own as it is. Haha. I live in what today is sunny Scotland. A small town on the south west coast called Irvine. Lovely place…not so lovely people. Haha. Avoiding hypothermia is probably a good thing but if you dress properly going out and splashing in puddles is always fun. Where is it you live that’s all miserable today?


            1. Oh you poor thing, noone should ever hear of Irvine. Haha. Oh really, Yorkshire, so we’ve traded weather for the day. This is the first day all year I’ve been able to get out in the sun so you can keep the rain for now…please!


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