Once I started using
I really couldn’t stop
Everyone found it amusing
No sympathy as they mocked


It’s a rather messy habit
but I just can’t help myself
Sometimes I have to use it
even if it overwhelms


It brings a sparkle to my day
of which nothing can compare
An escape from all that’s dull and grey
in a magical affair


I make sure it doesn’t affect anyone
the only person at risk is me
There sure can be some strange outcomes
I wouldn’t want anyone else to see


I always keep a stash close by
just in case the need arises
Everyone can tell, when I’ve raided my supply
the flakes clinging to my skin advertise it


It doesn’t really matter if I’m being careful
It’ll still get everywhere
I’ve found the waste, can get quite stressful
as does making sure my friends are unaware


I’m not overly found of all of the mess
and when people see, I feel foolish
Yet it helps me escape from a life full of stress
but when I’m caught I fear for my coolness


When it all gets a little too much
I have to put my synthetic happy aside
It can become something of a crutch
that stunts my growth with the world outside


Even when I’m clean and sober
I still find residue in my bed
Never getting any real closure
from the vice the rules in my head


There’s no escape from her shimmering grasp
I fear I’ll never be able to fully quit her
With each flake that I find, I’m reminded of the past
My sparkling adventures…


…with glitter!



22 thoughts on “Vice

            1. Nope, no joke, I have went a bit overboard…I had a fair few projects last year and I kept buying more thinking I’d run out. It’s always handy to have around but I’ve not been as arts and crafty recently.


    1. Now that sounds like a delightful way to spend an afternoon. Set out the stock in thr morning, glitter art in the afternoon and the evening is by the fire in those big antique chairs. I’ve never really had a personal heaven before but I think we’re painting quite the ideal picture!!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. My fourth big laugh of the day! 🙂 First laugh was *Printer*. Second laugh was when a colleague asked me if I could get my husband to sing *I Got You Babe* with me at her daughter’s wedding – my husband’s response -“Urr…urrr…” – totally cracked me up. Third big guffaw came when the chap at the post office sold me stamps that had Pluto on them and informed me that Pluto is no longer considered a planet – I informed him, indignantly, that I happen to be a member of the “The Society of Upholders of Righteous Indignation over the Egregious Demotion of the Planetary Status of our Glorious Pluto” on Facebook, and he quickly changed his tune and agreed that it was terribly wrong for anyone to strip Pluto of her title just because she’s tinier than her sisters. And now I get my fourth big chortle with this sparkly gem of a poem. Thank you for providing with half the big laughs today!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahahaha!!! Sounds like you had quite the day. That’s quite the adventure in the post office I’d have loved to have seen that back peddling reaction. must have been priceless! I’m glad I could get you laughing. I do like to entertain and laughter is always an encouraging reaction. I’ll have to wrote some more pieces with humour I’ve only got a few here so far. I hope tomorrow’s bring a whole load of laughter too!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Well I certainly don’t plan on going anywhere. I should be making the blog more accessible better navagation to find stuff. Hopefully you’ll find time to put some of your own pieces oit but until then keep focused on your studies, that’s more important right now…and of course I truly wish you the best on them!

          Liked by 1 person

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