I need to stop staring, it must be creeping her out
She’s absolute perfection, of that I’ve no doubt
It’s not the best way, to make a good impression
My lechery’s at risk, of becoming an obsession


I need to stop stressing, it’s faking me out
I’m convinced if I talk to her, I’ll surly strikeout
I’m so used to idolising women from afar
That I’ve never developed a witty repertoire


I need to stop running, its tiring me out
Be proud of who I am and soon confidence will sprout
How can I expect her, to think nothing but the worst
If I can’t find a way, to like myself first


I need to stop hiding, or she’ll never find out
About my potential, as an adoring knock-out
When no-one knows I exist, there’s really no chance
To grow with the world and find true romance


I need to stop over thinking and just ask her out
Be brave, be bold, no more of this messing about
I’m sure I can think of something charming to say
Or at the very least words, that might make her day


25 thoughts on “Stop

    1. Let’s hope I don’t pick one of the stupid ones then, I do have horrific luck.

      (Ahahaha!!! I do like a good rhyme though. A few weeks back I was writing only poetry so when I went to start a short story there were rhymes all over the place. Happens to us all and I totally appreciate it, even if it was unintended.)

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    1. Well thank you very much, your astrologer voice does the trick!! I’m sure there must be someone but until then I have to get the feelings out otherwise when I finally meet her she might get a tad overwhelmed. Besides the poems are always fun to write.

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  1. This is deep, stop hiding, You will find what you seek. Just drop the facade and tell her you care. I’m sure it’s a feeling she’s most definitely share. Just keep on writing, your words will ring true. Be yourself,she will come to you. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

            1. Ahahaha. To be fair it’s quite impolite to ask for a raise when we haven’t agreed a starting salary. Trust me you shall be compensated. For now you can help yourself to any of the stock and have free use of the lounge you were the architect of.

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