Wandering Eye


Too big, too Small.  Oh my!  What is that?
Where oh where, are all the pretty things at?
Wandering around perusing the potential goods on offer
Yet the options displayed make me wonder why I bother.


Some may call me harsh and a little judgemental
I just believe, I deserve something special
It’s not my fault that my standards are high
They should really try harder, if they want to catch my eye


Following their own unique styles for attention
I see through the lies and peacocking pretentions
No heart no substance, different but the same
Try as they might, they’re all just as lame


Living in hope, I’ll keep my eyes open
My disappointment in the prospects, is mercifully unspoken
I know what I want and it’s clearly not here
Wishing is certainly not going to help it appear.


As I’m about to give up, I spy a true beauty
Could this be the one to end all my cruelty?
A flutter of excitement springs to my chest
Finally a vision that has me impressed


I walk over slowly, filling with purpose
Checking over my shoulder, a little bit nervous
Hopes that no-one’s noticed this wonderful sight
In a sea of mediocrity, the one true delight


With a yearning in my eyes, I can’t help but smile
Jaw dropped in awe at the near perfect style
Playfully forward, I gently brush an arm
Seduced by the touch and obvious visual charms


I’m never this impulsive but I can’t lose my chance
I made up my mind from that very first glance
Gently grasping a shoulder I lead us away
from the crowd of other shoppers, eyeing all on display


Dreaming of a life that we can share together
Partnered in adventures, forever and ever
I never thought that I would ever find such a prize
Especially not one, that’s actually in my size


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