If I’m honest with myself I’m a little afraid

I’m not sure if I can carry on the charade


I know that we’re friends but I want so much more

You’ve got no idea, how much you make my heart soar


To lose you as a friend will be far from ideal

I can no longer hide the love that I feel


Will tomorrow be the day, that I bear my soul?

Finally exposing the heart that you stole.




24 thoughts on “Tomorrow

    1. Thank you!! I wish it had a better ending in real life, it was inspired by something a little while ago… Still the emotions make for good art, with distance. Maybe next time it’ll work, but pom poms will always be welcome!!

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      1. the ending is what you make it- one of my favorite quotes is- ‘Everything works out in the end. if it hasn’t worked out yet, then it’s not the end.’ And pom poms are at the ready, not sure what to do with them like. 🙂

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        1. That’s a wonderful quote. I need a quote like that at times. I just need to learn to stop rushing to the end and make wiser choices. I’ll be honest I don’t really know how to operate a pom pom. I think they might be magical. They tell you what to do once you hold them, but until then they keep their secrets of positivity so the world doesn’t tire of them.

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                    1. Be nice!! I certainly hope it was from laughter!! Besides we haven’t seen the uniform yet, in my experience the unflattering ugliness of a staff uniform can bring many to grief striken tears. In my mind it’s sort of a cheerleader, bank cashier, supermarket employee hybrid. *shudders* Haha!!

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                    2. Oh of course, warnings will be necessary, just to be safe. itll need to be a two piece, but don’t think the skirt should be too short. I do have amazing legs but I get cold around here. The under garments may need a little research I just assumed it would be part of the training. Day 1 uniform etiquette. Day 2 how to make your own pom pom…Haha!!


                    3. Haha, I bet get them legs out, get them shaved and shiny , oh I am glad you have organised this well, day 3, think of a rountine, day 4, try out the routine, day 5, rest in hospital, day 6, if anyone asks you feel over. Haha, I love how of scale this conversation has gone x

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                    4. shaved and shiny I love that!! It sounds so bizarre. Youve got to keep it all plannned well, the positive reinforcement industry takes itself very professionally. I feel like there should be an optional day for a trampoline masterclass. You’ll have to pay but you get a certificate and a few more contracts open up. Yes this conversation has went off on quite the tangent…It happens a lot for me. Haha!!


                    5. Haha I love it, and yes we can get the professional pom pom queens in to show us their spirit fingers, in all seriousness I think we have a contingent plan here, a route to success is on the horizon, we do need to come up with a team name that is the crucial part, I think shaved and shiny kind of nailed it though lol, I can hear them screaming the name now Hahahahah x

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                    6. Oh yes!! that’s the perfect team name. It’ll raise a few eyebrows but the best names do. I think we made need some security for the outdoor performances though, screaming shaved and shiny might attract unwanted attention. It’s a brilliant fallback plan for life, if all else fails there’s always a place for a pom pom weilding eccentric. “I have spirit yes I do and with my pom poms I’ll inspire you!” Ahaha!!!


                    7. HaHa Brilliant. I don’t think the name will be the thing raising eyebrows hehe, oh good Idea about the security, at least they will make us look important, so the more the merrier xx


                    8. You may have a point there, I just assume I’d be accepted without question. I may have forgotten I’d be quite the sight! Oh I didn’t think about that, the security presence will add a little mystique. This is becoming such a legitimate idea I really hope noone steals it.


                    9. jealous confused intregued and possible light arousal from those unsavoury characters. It’s a name that demands high quality. I guess I’ll have to ramp up the fitness regiment to keep up with what I imagine shall be high demand. I’ll call my “guy” to set up the copyright! Can’t be losing this one!!


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