Missing Security

You comfort me when I need consoled
Your warming hugs relieving the cold
On a stormy eve you’re a great delight
So I’m troubled I cannot find you tonight


I tear through the house searching for you
but you’re nowhere in sight, just plain out of view
Have you been stolen or simply misplaced?
I need you right now, longing for your embrace


Begging for help, I ask, where were you last seen?
To be told you were dirty and sent, to the washing machine
I race over to save you, but I’m already too late
The spin cycle has stated and my heart starts to ache.


As your trapped rotating in a watery cage
I miss you and try to hold back all my rage
Your absence has left me with nothing but a frown
My big fluffy friend, my faithful dressing gown.


Dressing Gown Post Image


18 thoughts on “Missing Security

                1. Why didn’t I think about that! I was so ready for one to exist I forgot I could own it rather than running it. I have a new career goal. It’s not like I get much warm weather around here im sure I could live quite happy all be it rather selfishly. Haha.

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                    1. For your grand opening, we can sit by a warm fire place, snuggled up in our cosy coture, sharing stories that inspire aristocratic style laughter

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                    2. That sounds just perfect. We shall have to be careful though, all those big warm billowing gowns are quite the fire hazard and I will have a full store of them. I really want big antique leather armchairs now for our aristocratic sensibilities! haha

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                    3. It shall be the most elegant store in the world. People won’t come to shop they’ll just come to relax. I could branch out and let therapists set up shop in the back. As long as they meet my high standards of creating a positive comfy atmosphere.

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                    4. I like the progress we’re making. As contributor of good ideas, I should be, at the very least, given unlimited free access to said paradise 🙂

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                    5. I thought that was already implied. If you need a contract I’ll get one drafted. I just assumed you’d show up and that would be that. It really is shaping up to be a wondeful idea. I’ll need to get myself an appointment for a business loan soon. Haha!!

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