Light breaks through curtains; I’m annoyed by the rays
It’s goodwill taunts me; I can’t join the world today
While the birds sing and children play, I hold a pillow over my face
Drown out the noise and blind the light, retreating, to a much darker place


I’ve fallen to despair, whilst in suffering, feeling unwell
I know it’ll end, but for now, I’m under a hopeless spell
Nursing my bruised ego, under quilt, I cower and hide
I shouldn’t give in especially, when it’s so beautiful outside


I don’t enjoy this feeling, I don’t believe anyone would
Allowing myself to internalise, is not the best attitude
Dreaming if I were normal, would it make me any better
I squeeze the pillow tighter; these thoughts are none too clever


There’s so much wonder out there, but I’m here wasting away
My life is full of hopes that my emotions constantly betray
I’ve got to take a stand and attempt to halt this decline
It may be quite the challenge, but it’s worth it, to make the climb


Releasing the pillow I take a moment and come to a decision
I may be ill, but it’s no excuse, to let go of all ambition
Light shimmers on the wall, I track the day go by
Resolved I recite a mantra, “I shall not let hope die!”


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