I had another nightmare again last night
I’m getting tired of being awoken in terror and fright
I can’t remember the last time had a good dream
and it’s really not helping with my self esteem


I long for the days of my fantastical adventures
The romance and whimsy of a crusading avenger
Each night a new chapter in an ever changing tale
Making sure in the morning I remember the details


I had another dream while I was working today
A reminder my imagination is doing okay
Yet at night while I sleep my good thoughts are taken
and don’t return till morning, when exhausted, I awaken


Does being an adult happen to come with a curse?
Stress steals your dreams, leaving nightmares or worse
Maybe my self conscious is trying to give me a sign
Fix my real life worries and happiness can be mine


6 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Interesting and intriguing lines – “Stress steals your dreams.” I think that’s part of the deal – “You are free but here are some restraints.” The nightmare part of being an adult would be to possess a mature consciousness in a world of underdeveloped grown bots.

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      1. That is intriguing too, the concept of dreams changing, and it is something I have noticed. I always thought of dreaming as the brain shredding excess data to prepare us for a new day. Hang in there, Cameron. xo

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        1. Its a concept that I’ve been dwelling on a fair bit recently. Yes the day is shed and experiences analysed is wonderful ways but if your day hasn’t been as plesent will your dreams compensate to spare you pain or force you to confront the real life stresses. Thank you! I certainly will!!

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