Keep the poems, the love songs, all the spoken romantics

Keep the kisses, the cuddling and all the physical classics


To be intimate doesn’t mean, the act must be grand

All I want is the chance, to simply hold her hand


11 thoughts on “Touch

        1. Well they did define so much. There have been those that tried but few have made such an impact. It wasn’t until the the last word was scribbled out that the lyrics sang through my head. Was actually inspired by watching Wall-e the other night. The Beatles connection was quite thr happy coincidence. Haha!!

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            1. It really is, top 3 pixar movies! Hadn’t seen it in a few years. Thought it would be a nice distraction from being ill. There’s this wonderful theme about holding hands running through the entire film, it’s so beautiful. I forgot how many levels it played on. I want to do a Pixar marathon now.

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