Crossing Paths

Passing each other she smiles and my hearts all a flutter
Was it directed at me or reserved for another?
Subtly looking around, but there’s no-one else there
So I throw a smile back, it would only be fair.


Next time I see her it happens again and I start to seriously think
Especially now she’s decided to add in quite the sultry wink
I’ve never been that good at flirting, but want to give this a try
Tomorrow I’ll make a real effort, get her thinking, as she passes by.


Do I pick out a flattering outfit to help in catching her eye?
Maybe I could slip her my number, as if I’m a well trained spy
It’s possible I’m over thinking this; I need to keep things simple
Next time I see her I’ll play it cool, repress any dramatic impulse


I didn’t see her the following day, or the next few after
I hope I’m not missing my chance to innocently impress her
It’s typical, the moment I realise, I’m getting some female attention
She’ll disappear and leave me to wonder in a state of apprehension


I’m never quite sure why I feel this way for a person I don’t even know
or why I have this ridiculous need to put on some kind of show
My moment has passed, just forget it, there’s no actually reason to stress
Besides it’s probably better, to save her, getting involved with a mess.


I don’t even notice the next time we happen to pass by each other
The only reason I find out, was a note, that I’d later discover
My heart starts to race from the playful words written down on colourful paper
This girl might be just as impulsive as me, there’s no way I’m not going to call her.


8 thoughts on “Crossing Paths

  1. kashafS

    Awesome ! Don’t tell me this was a dream! And even if it was, dreams do come true. And as I may have said earlier, with poetry like these, your dreams sure will turn into something real and unexpected! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!! It is indeed a dream. You’re so very kind and I do believe you. There’s still a little romance left in me even if it’s not found a muse yet. I do so look forward to the unexpected!!

      Liked by 1 person

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