In cold sweats, I’m woken, by a throbbing in my head
Confused, can’t speak, coughing and spluttering instead
My thoughts are muddled, they don’t seem quite right
Are they even real, or my dreams from last night?


Trying to get up, I fall to the floor
Dizzy, unbalanced, I crawl to the door
Is anyone home, I hear no one around?
Grasping for the handle, to pull myself from the ground


It appears that I failed as the next time I wake
The door batters my head and adds to my aches
A figure above me speak words I hear jumbled
Helps me to my feet, avoiding further tumbles


Back in my bed, my head is still spinning
Did that just happen, or was that me sleeping
Struggling to separate the facts from the fiction
With each dazed thought, a new contradiction


Delirious, I’ve no idea, how much time has passed
Or how much longer my confusion will last
I can’t trust my thoughts; I don’t know what’s real
I just want an end to my sickly ordeal


Okay, yes it’s true, I’m a tad over-dramatic
I’m a man; it’s what we do, when we feel symptomatic
Right now the only thing that I know is true
Is I’m plagued and diseased, in the throes of man flu



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