Dreaming of Sleep

The anxiety prevents me from sleeping at night
My thoughts are infected by self invented parasites.
Working in the morning, can’t settle, no rest.
The more that I worry, the more I get stressed.


My beleaguered mind starts to aimlessly wander
Surely I can’t stay awake for all that much longer?
Wrong again, as the next time I look to my clock
Another hour has passed, though I’m really not shocked.


With an inspired thought to help clear my head
I put on the TV and watch from my bed
The voices offer comfort, a relaxing white noise
but its flickering lights soon start to annoy


Maybe radio would be better, played through my earphones
Cuddled down, gently dosing, to soft dulcet tones.
Yet as I toss and turn, while the audio rambles
The wire wraps round my neck and slowly starts to strangle


With laboured sighs I throw my failed distractions aside
Returning to silence, lamenting the sleep I’m denied
If I could only find relief from my tormented ego
There’d be peace, I could settle and be able to let go


Enough of this nonsense! I scream to myself
But I’m never listening, a testament to my health
All I want in this moment is a decent chance to dream
An escape from reality and all it’s nightmarish themes


Hours ticking by, I resort to counting sheep
Another fruitless trick, that fails to put me to sleep
Yawning hurts my jaw, tired tears burn my eyes
Jumbled thoughts, logic gone, while I fret and agonise


Exhausted and frantic, I keep checking the time
each passing moment draws near my deadline
Sunlight bleeds though the curtains stirring frustrated groans
then disturbed from violent vibrations, the alarm from my phone.


So begins another day with the joys of sleep deprivation
my only hope is that it’s easy, as I lack any motivation
I wonder if there’ll ever be an end to my restless plight
and maybe if I’m lucky will I get some sleep tonight?


4 thoughts on “Dreaming of Sleep

  1. This makes me so incredibly sad. There’s nothing more stressful and more damaging to all areas of life than lack of peaceful sleep. I wish I could tell you the secret to shutting down the mind but, I fear there isn’t one :/

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    1. It’s something that comes and goes with me. I never know what it is that cures it but it always resurfaces. Maybe it’s simply resolving the stress, regardless it’s rather annoying. Silver lining is the deprivation can sometimes lead to creative ideas…sometimes.

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