For quite some time now
I’ve noticed this odd trend
When I start to feel down
I get a delivery from a friend

He’s a man like no other
and he knows me so well
I suppose that’s no wonder
when that gracious friend’s myself

From the past, I’m sent presents
that fix my ailing mood
No matter what the contents
my happiness is renewed

Forgetting my pre-ordered shopping
can be an unforeseen advantage
It really helps when I’m moping
To get a unexpected brown package

From a young age I’ve been told
it’s better to give than to receive
yet does that logic really hold
When both parts are done by me

For the record, I’m not interested
in quest for material things
Although I do feel rather privileged
from the joy these boxes bring

So I’ll take this very moment
to thank my generous former self
You help repair me when I’m broken
and defend my mental health


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