Customer Service

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say
Will you just hurry up, get your money and pay!
I couldn’t care less what you’re speaking about
and even less so when you start to scream and shout.

How dare you have the nerve to chastise and complain?!
We’ve done nothing wrong, it’s clearly you that’s to blame
I’ve got no real interest in hearing your lies
and I’ve lost the ability to truly empathise.

Why oh why won’t you just leave me alone?
Do I really have to sit here as you continue to moan?
Clearly I have far more important things to do!
Okay that’s a lie, I just don’t want to talk with you.

Please can’t you muster a little compassion?
Is it really that important to claim satisfaction?
Can’t you hear that I’m empty and dying inside?
You’re seriously making me crave cyanide!

Apparently my attitudes not up to your standards
Well I’m not impressed by your sheer lack of manners
Demanding my manager won’t do you any good
just accept that your wrong, is that understood?!

That’s it I’m done! You’ve used the last of my patience
I think we’d both agree that I’ve been extremely gracious
So without further ado, I’ll put an end to your drones
and free myself as I hang up the phone.


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