I’ve decided my life might lack some direction
It’s not bad, but there may be some slight imperfections
Tired and angry with my lack of success
Frustrated my ambitions have yet to impress


I’ve decided I’m a bundle of unexploded rage
Emotions bottled tight, locked up in a cage
When I finally go off I hope you’re not around
It’s not a pretty sight when I’m fully melting down.


I’ve decided I’m romantic, despite having no-one in my life
My dreams fill with grand plans for courting a wife
Adventures and poems bleed straight from my heart
Yet no-ones convinced I’d be a good counterpart.


I’ve decided I’m a man-child as I look round my room
Geeky statues, films and posters are my only heirlooms
It’s no wonder I can’t entice a pretty girl to visit
One look and she’d bolt, barely lasting a minute


I’ve decided I’m more than a little bit sheltered
When reading the news I’m left distressed and bewildered
Please don’t ask me questions on current affairs
I’ll just lie, invent a story and hope you don’t care.


I’ve decided I’m not especially that clever
I bluff a good game but it won’t last forever
One of these days I’m bound to get caught
Prattling with confidence, little forethought


I’ve decided it really doesn’t matter what I say
We’re all self-involved in our own special way
Everyone’s entitled to egocentric opinions
and responsible for all of their ludicrous decisions.



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