Beneath Cherry Blossoms

Taking full advantage
of the warm summer beams.
Doing serious damage
to a tub of ice-cream.


A cool gentle breeze
shakes pink blossoms loose.
Relief in thirty degrees
and the suns blazing abuse.


It’s evidently clear to say
my body’s no real temple
So my shirt stays on today
avoiding those who might be judgemental


Why ruin this beautiful afternoon
with pointless body shame?
Acting the quintessential buffoon
my self-esteem to blame.


Is there really anything to fear
as I’m hidden in my garden.
With petals falling, sky blue and clear,
I shouldn’t let myself be disheartened.


I know I‘m nothing but a fool
for indulging these thoughts.
My mind can be quite cruel
as it mercilessly mocks.


If I were to put my focus on exercise
and get back into really great shape.
Would my self worth be re-energised?
Or would I find something else to berate.


While fuchsia flakes dance
in the soft summer wind.
I find myself in a trance
daydreaming I was thin.


I fear the more I ruminate
I’m becoming more obsessed.
Then suddenly my mind snaps straight
as the ice-cream tumbles to my chest.


For all that repressed modesty
my only prize is a stain
Now to take my shirt off cautiously
being self conscious is a pain!


6 thoughts on “Beneath Cherry Blossoms

  1. kusinjo

    OH HOW GOOD IS THIS? I’m just a touch overweight, but very self conscious about it. You nailed my thought process in this poem, BUT DAMN ICE CREAM IS SO YUM. and exorcise so … yuck. lol 🙂 Great Poem!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! Im glad you liked it, the torment is brutal. It’s that eternal conflict between well deserved indulgence and being self conscious. I do agree ice cream is delightful if only exercise tasted as good…although I don’t think you’re supposed to lick the equipment. Haha!!


  2. Funny I didn’t see this yesterday. The Book community was in an uproar over a cover model body shaming a reader. This is fitting, you are talking about the turmoil you go through in your own mind. Can you imagine what other people think about themselves? I’m sharing this. Crumbs

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Was it really. I’ve been so distracted with work im out of the loop. I agree it’s rather apt given the context. We all have our struggles but ultimately you are what you are and you shouldn’t torture yourself and ruin a good moment. Live and be you because something will always come along to remind you that you can’t control everything. I’m glad you liked and I appreciate you sharing, you’re very sweet!!

      Liked by 1 person

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