Reflections on Goodbye

A year has now passed since out final goodbye
Is it heartless of me that I no longer cry?
My memories are fading of the last words we spoke
Have I treated your passing as some kind of joke?


Guilt that my grief is slowly subsiding
I never want to forget everything you’ve provided
Anger I can’t prove how much I actually care
Heartbroken you’re gone, when there’s still so much to share.


Though I’m quiet I’ll remember out moments together
Sleepovers, Sunday dinner and barbecues in good weather
I miss and I love you, hating you’re not around
I just hope in this past year I’d have made you feel proud.


6 thoughts on “Reflections on Goodbye

  1. Crying and beating your chest from wailing isn’t necessarily a true tell of how you feel. Outward expression isn’t everything. It’s how fond we are of people in our hearts that matters 🙂

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