Perilous Winds

A blustering wind batters
Against the window pane
Any stronger and it may shatter
Poor thing struggling against the strain


It’s not the kind of weather
To venture into unprepared
I feel I shan’t take any pleasure
Still my purpose is unimpaired


I stride out into the stormy gale
Wrapped in a heavy winter jacket
The choice to wear my hat a fail
Following my normal daily habit


Sharp chills slap across my face
As I shiver awaiting a bus
With each gust I clench and brace
Commuting to work is such a fuss


Then disaster strikes swiftly
While my arms clutch against my waist
The next burst comes by briskly
Relieving my hat from where it was placed


My reactions are far too slow
As the fedora flies from atop my head
Soaring high as strong winds blow
I give chase while my heart fills with dread


When it finally falls I’m crushed
Dropping deep between some trees
In a foolhardy rescue I valiantly rush
But there’s not hat in sight to see


Dejected and heartbroken, tears welling in my eyes
I emerge from the woods empty handed with forlorn sighs
Stumbling back to the bus stop, my hair is blown wild
Quiet tears hidden from onlookers behind an “oh well” smile


A bus finally arrives and a clamber aboard
Just in time as clouds break and rain start to pour
In my depths of despair a solution forms and to myself I swear
“I shall order three more this evening that certainly sounds fair!”


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