The Anti-Socialite

A cinema matinee
So no-one else is there
Wearing earphones at the café
Ignoring other people’s affairs


Going out to any sports event
Trying to go unseen in the crowd
Avoiding conversations but content
Hoping the team does me proud


When out in the world exploring
I’m always buying for one
Be it restaurants, shows or shopping
It’s never any less fun


I’s a solitary life
That’s not seen as ideal
Yet to escape undue strife
There’s a certain peaceful appeal


I do sometimes feel
That I may be missing out
Would it really be such an ordeal
To have an actual friend about


I may be scared of other people
If I’m truly honest with myself
Conversations skills could be feeble
Fearing I just can’t compel


When all is said and done
I now choose to be this way
I don’t fit in with everyone
Thinking I’ve nothing worthwhile to say


Alone but never lonely
To myself I’m a delight
After all I do state boldly
I’m an anti-socialite.

Audio Added 29/06/2016


19 thoughts on “The Anti-Socialite

            1. “Here” is a small town called Irvine on the South West coast of Scotland. It’s a wretched hive of scum and villany but for all its faults it’s home. The kite flying may need to be put in hold, I’ve just been out and it’s quite wild and blustery, more so than I thought from my bedroom!

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                  1. I follow a woman from Scotland and it’s very obvious to me. But it doesn’t come across in your stuff, not in an accent way. My first thought that you might be in/near the UK was when you talked about not having a flat.

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      1. Is it easy for anyone? In my opinion anyway. I prefer books and my cats over people. I’m 23 and most women my age are out partying and I prefer to travel, see a foreign country and explore sites or sit at home and read a book. It’s quite the dilemma to some, where as for me, I’m content in my solitude.

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        1. I would say I have a sense of longing, but have built a life on solitude so am happy when it’s just me. I think it’s ‘the grass is always greener’ syndrome. I like to believe that once you’re truly happy with you the people who join the adventure are worthwhile. I’m 29 and I’m still working on me.

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