Am I Too Old?

In youth I choose to study the Arts
With no real prospects, just passion and smarts.
Yet today I use nothing I learned back then,
No regrets, but I wonder about studying again.


What interests me now has no real career guarantees,
I want more opportunities, not another wasted degree.
I’ve no more time to waste, or to act like a fool.
Am I too old to go back to school?


I currently have a job that I’ve come to truly hate,
With each passing moment it gets harder to tolerate.
I need something challenging, a true test of my skills,
I want this right now, before my life spirals downhill.


The job market’s terrible, or maybe that’s just for me,
Minimum wage and no benefits as a lowly trainee.
Security, respect and enjoyment are worryingly unclear.
Am I too old to start a new career?


To this very day I still live with my parents,
Living the same irresponsible way I did as a student.
I’ve never had the money to afford to move away,
A fact that embarrasses me, even if my parents say it’s okay.


I’ve never had the personality to successfully flat share
and the expense to live alone is ridiculously unfair
So I sit in a cramped bedroom, developing mental syndromes.
Am I too old to still be living at home?


My romantic life would make the ‘hardest’ of men weep,
I’m getting the real impression women think I’m a creep.
Putting myself out there and wearing my heart on my sleeve,
All ending tragically with emotions battered and cleaved.


Falling for someone is easy, but they never reciprocate,
I know I have so much to offer, yet ‘single’ seems to be my fate.
Never knowing if I lack looks, charm or witty repartee.
Am I too old to find someone who’ll love me?


16 thoughts on “Am I Too Old?

  1. Dude, I’m loving this. I mean, it’s freaking sad. But I can relate on so many levels. The world sucks. Let’s find a new one before this one kills us.

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    1. It’s the impatience of of still being physically young enough but old enough to have already lived a life and conflicted about its success. Thank you for the kind words, it’s a message I try to tell myself but I’m a terrible listener.


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