Tails of Rabbitopolous

Chapter Thirteen


All creatures, “great and small”, knew about man’s various belief structures and celebrations, especially the friends of the many birds and farm yard animals, who got ‘busy’ at these special times.  The rabbits had already become tied to the one about rebirth, telling the story of a prophet that echoed seasonal changes.  This metaphor to make man examine their existence was lost on its youth.  While the adults took this time to make promises, striving to make their lives better, the children were bored.  The ‘historical’ readings of a man from long ago meant very little to the children.  All they really understood was that the adults said it was important, then again everything adults said was claimed to be ‘important’.  It could be hard for a child to keep up.  Children needed whimsical distractions, a man returning from the dead that didn’t end in a zombie rampage, was a rather dull story for a child to take interest it.  This is where the newly at peace rabbits would hop in.  Children were attracted to bright colours and fascinated with animals of all shapes and sizes.  Add in this new chocolate and those sugar seduced children would be hooked.

Eggs formed from chocolate.  Crafted and designed with love.  Intricate patterns in the moulds and colourful wrappings to adorn them.  Bundled into baskets, bounced away to gardens and parks, where all the children could see.  Amazed by the sights and delighted by the gifts, the rabbits took the stories that revolved around them and made them a reality.  True by the time this happened a culture had already grown where children would decorate their own eggs as part of the spring celebrations.  The new twist of chocolate edible eggs, well it made Mans children explode.  Not from combustible ingredients, the rabbits didn’t do that any more, but from sheer unadulterated excitement.

This was always the plot to unleash on man, the only part they left out was the highly addictive compounds and the slow acting poisons.  A dastardly plot to take advantage of man’s greed, using all the skills they had developed to destroy each other.  What though if this plot could be used for good, instead of bringing horrors they could being hope?  Man was the only species that looked at rabbits with kind eyes, so salvation must be somewhere in their hearts.  Would the eggs truly capture the hearts and minds on man, a rabbit with an egg was such a bizarre concept after all?  Even more bizarre could these eggs be a way to bring humanity together and prove that rabbits are worthy of their love.  Man as has been established really isn’t that clever, so of course they loved it all.

After all the strife of war the bunnies loved the adoring reverence that man had for them.  No more the harbingers of horrors but harbingers of happiness, delivering delectable delights.  Until the stories of the bunnies with baskets of eggs became an actual reality, man would merely celebrate their religious ramblings and seasonal solstice in quite the tedious fashion.  Well, if you asked the children of course.  Soon this spring solstice would turn to a chocolate holiday.  Rabbit and chocolate would become synonymous and they liked this better than their carrot connection.  From deep within Rabbitopolous the master chocolatiers would create new flavours for their gifts to man.  Though they would still never taste their own work, man was ever grateful.  In fact even today man celebrates the rabbit chocolatiers by moulding small chocolate bunnies to be sold and eaten at this special time of the year.  Man would also take up the mantle of chocolatiers, though never as good as the rabbits, but just enough to keep their females happy.  Yet it was in the eyes of children that this holiday cemented its roots.  Their dreams of a world filled with whimsy would inspire adults to keep the stories alive and their hopes for tomorrow innocent and pure, just for a little bit longer.  After all, the rabbits knew a parent’s love for a child was a powerful weapon, so why not use it for good.  An adult human will take comfort from the smiles of their child and the child is greatly excited, hunting for their hidden delights. Even the bunnies’ took great pride that they could spread happiness and hope.  Plus everyone loves chocolate, whether they’re eating it or making it.

So once a year, these adorable creatures would hop out into the world and spread joy.  Repenting for their sins and showing all around that you can lose sight in hate.  Bunnies would be beacons of light and icons of hope.  In the dark world that they had suffered in for so long, they would rise to be examples of wonder and delight.  Spring is new life, it is new beginnings and curiosity for what the year will bring.  In fact man had no name for the spring solstice, it was just a part of life.  An arbitrary date that often changed at the whims of mans churches and the upcoming weather conditions.  One day in spring would be chosen to reflect and be humble, but the bunnies would bring chocolate, to eat and be joyful.  It would turn to the rabbits to give it a name and ultimately its legacy.

As we know it today man would come to refer to this time of year as Easter.  It’s a word that inspires a warmth and enchantment in young children and grown children alike.  Man tells tales that the name originates with a great goddess of fertility.  As spring is a time of new beginnings it makes a simple logic and mankind does like its logic simple.  Apparently she was quite the looker, but it’s not exactly a family friendly origin.  Her name was Eostre so the leap, or hop, to Easter isn’t that much of a stretch.  To this day it’s a sore subject with rabbits as after all the trouble they went to make Easter special for mankind, they go and smut everything up.  The rabbits quickly let this pass remembering mankind has a substantial impairment in the intelligence department.  The truth was it came from the sun.  Rabbits awake with the sun and  there’s nowhere else in the world where it shines with such splendour and bathes the ground in wondrous warmth, than over Rabbitopolous.  This is one of the many reasons they all fought so hard and for so long against each other trying to take it for themselves.  When the first master chocolatiers had moved to the burrow after the war, they would spend all day crafting their creamy confectionery.  When they were happy with their moulds, they moved them outside to cool in the calm crisp breezes of the night.  Yet every morning as the sun took its place in the sky, the chocolate would be melted and the rabbit’s spirits wilted.  It was a foolish mistake but the cooling and setting of the chocolate was such an important part of the taste and they knew this method would work.  So the master chocolatiers would train themselves, not only how to perfect their delicious surprises, but to awake before the scorching sun rises.  As they crept from the burrow while the sky was still dark, careful not to disrupt the others slumber, they were pleased to see their moulds had formed perfectly and quickly stored them back in the burrow.  This was by no means a quick job and the chocolatiers would often be caught in first light.  A few moulds would inevitably be spoiled but the bunnies would be undeterred and continued to learn.  No-one said it would be easy to be a chocolatier and considering it was their creation, they got to make the rules.  With consistent practice and a little more preparation, they found the task grew easier and in time were able to beat their fiery foe.  After a hard mornings work the chocolatiers would take their rest outside the burrow and for the first time truly take in the beauty of the rising sun.  In exhaustion they would observe the magic of a new day beginning, proud of the work already done and ready for the next moulding batch to begin.  Every morning they would see the sun would appear in the same direction, basking the land in light.  To the rabbits this was just a fact of the world, they were never tempted by the curiosity it brought other creatures.  They never even had a word for dawn and dusk.  Yet witnessing the suns daily rise and observing its consistent pattern to shine through the day, these bright master chocolatiers chose to name it the ‘Easterly Light’.  Not of course to name a daily event that was taken as fact, but to acknowledge the glistening beauty that few had actually seen.  With all the metaphorical ties to new beginnings, the bunnies ‘Easterly Light’ seemed appropriate when trying to title mans re-imagined spring holiday.  So, after a minor tweak the word ‘Easter’ entered the lexicon of man.  A once tiresome celebration was brought into the light, with a new name and brighter image, which inspired hopes for the future and love for rabbits.  With that name, rabbits had taken their place in the hierarchy of the world.  No more would they live their lives mired in hate, for they had finally created something that was unquestionably great.

Now there could be a long and lasting peace.  Rabbitopolous was open and all were free to live without fear.  In time the stories of the war faded to myth and the factions meant nothing.  New furs would be seen hopping through the plains and all rabbits would work and live together.  Their reputation damaged in the wilds but in the tranquillity of their hollowed burrow they could focus their attention to good.  No longer fearing mans captivity as they knew the love in their hearts. They witnessed the end of human cruelty against them, man now defended its fluffy friends.  From the ashes of war came the beauty of spring.  Now the defenders of this seasonal celebration rabbits found balance in the world.  Rabbitopolous though is still a mystery to most, its location a secret known only to bunnies.  Their dreams of returning home were realised, but they would never forget the horrors of war.  In remembrance of their painful past a statue now sits at the heart of Rabbitopolous.  Where a ruler once sat watching over its subjects, there now stands a large intricately carved bunny, wearing an Easter bonnet.  A monument built of chocolate holding a basket full of eggs.  It symbolises the hopes that rabbits deliver each year and reminds them that Chocolate had unified their world.  To be a bunny was now to be a beacon for all that is good and pure in life.  At last rabbits could live together in harmony and at last they could live amongst man.



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