Tails of Rabbitopolous

Chapter Twelve


Production of the chocolate was intensive and soon more space was needed to keep up with mankind’s appetite.  The final plan for chocolate would require far more space and privacy from humanity.  One location kept coming up as the perfect production plant.  A long waged war for all rabbits centred on this place and now when the rabbit factions were in the first true state of peace, the very mention of its name could break the bunnies’ new bond.  After trying to ignore the facts the rabbits soon had to face the scary proposition that they would have to discuss Rabbitopolous.  New peace talks were scheduled and tension once more filled the air.  It was unclear how the rabbits would react, would the fighting begin once more.  In a neutral location the leader of the three factions met.  They spoke highly of one another in their recent struggles against humans and their cooperation in conceiving the grand plot of vengeance.  As the conversation turned to the hallowed burrow old tensions flared.  No fur was shed but the factions parted ways, still shouting in anger over the tragedies of war.  The target was lifted from the back of mankind but it didn’t fall back upon each other.  Days passed to weeks and no-one attacked.  The bewildered bunnies braced themselves, believing they would be besieged at any moment by their rivals.  Still nothing.  It was clear the rabbits had grown tired of fighting amongst each other.  They had accomplished so much in the short time they worked together.  Their lust for war may not have faltered but the enemy was a far greater menace than they were to each other.  One by one the leaders of the factions would return to the neutral site of the peace talks convincing themselves that maybe, just maybe they could live as one.  Now it is a point of great contention to this day which was the first faction to show up.  There’s no documentation and those who were present are long gone.  Depending on who you ask you’ll get a different answer, the most compelling however is the tale told by the Whites.

According to what is essentially folklore in the White communities, they never actually really left the neutral site.  Yes their leader, referred to as the master magician, did storm off like the others but returned within an hour as had forgotten what the argument was about.  The Whites say this is because the master magician’s passion for vengeance against humanity was more important than petty arguments.  Another version is simply White rabbits are a special kind of crazy.  As the days flew by and the Whites continued to wait, they were encouraged to find their inner artisan.  Having faith that the other factions would soon return, the Whites wanted to be ready to face off against man.  It took a little longer than expected and when the Greys, the next faction arrive showed up, the master magician made a flippant comment about the length of time it took them, another argument started and the Greys left.  Having learnt from this mistake, when the Browns showed up shortly after the master magician was a lot more welcoming.  As they waiting from the Greys eventual return, the rabbits started to finalise their designs for their weapon against man.  By the time the Greys returned the Browns had already left.  Not amused in the slightest by the whites continued insanity and propensity to test explosives, they had had enough.  The Whites thought they had done nothing wrong of course, but did make more of an effort with the Greys now the’d returned.  Everything was going well until one white rabbit thought it would be a good idea to add a little pyrotechnic panache to a batch of chocolate the Greys were testing a started a flash fire.  The Greys once again left.  As it happens they hopped down the same path that the Browns were on, coming back to the peace talks.  As they met in the middle they spoke about the insanity of the Whites, laughed and cried over what happened and both agreed to return believing that together they could control the wayward Whites.  To their surprise it worked, although after so many failed meeting it was only a matter of time before the Whites calmed down enough to talk.  The peace talks were still fraught with tension and stern words were used, but they had all seen the benefits of working together and that no faction wanted to attack the other.  The united march to Rabbitopolous had finally begun.

Traps upon traps littered the entrance to Rabbitopolous.  The hallowed burrow had been guarded for so long it had become heavily fortified.  It was no easy task and there were a great many injured, but the bunnies banded together to disarm the route to their ancient home.  Rock traps that would fill tunnels were disarmed and rocks meticulously taken away.  Rabbit holes filled with sharpened spears were filled with dirt to avoid painful death.  Explosives even had to be removed as the Whites had ‘masterfully’ placed mines in a foolish attempt to copy man.  Of course being the mad rabbits they were, some combustions were deadly whilst others… well, there’s yet to be a report of a creature dying from glitter.  The work was hard and time consuming.  With each layer of traps disarmed the rabbits caught a glimpse into their past. They saw their hatred and destructive nature close up.  They were forced to examine the horrors they inflicted on one another.  Their peace was fragile and to be reminded of the terrible war crimes committed against one another was hard to bare.  History teaches us the mistakes of the past and why not to repeat them, but rabbits had no history, just hate.  Generations of storytellers were spinning untruths and propaganda, all because they didn’t want to share a burrow.  As the last traps were disarmed the rabbits wept.  A wave of melancholy was felt for all that was lost.  Was war to be their legacy, to be viewed as savages of the land?  All the traits they assigned to humans, the clumsy destructive nature the lust for carnage, the brutal savagery and unwavering selfishness, was it more true of them?  At last they were home but did they really deserve it.

As the leaders shied away from celebrations, a period of reflection would commence.  The word that Rabbitopolous was finally safe to enter was silenced.  The civil war of rabbits was over and it left a bitter taste.  The purpose and dream they strived for now appeared petty and foolish.  Through there were no traps preventing them from entering, the leaders decreed that no bunny would hop into the hallowed burrow until the reputation of all rabbits was restored.  Forced to come to terms with what they and their ancestors had been responsible for, rabbits took to the woodlands but found no friends within.  Their war had affected all creatures of the woodlands and they shared no sympathy for the rabbits newly found conscious.  Man may be a destructive force against nature but at least they’re ignorant, the rabbits new exactly what they were doing.  Laying explosives that any creature to find, manipulating weather patterns that affected more than just rabbits and sending man hunting into the woods where they could sample the delights of whatever beast they could catch.  War is hell and the soldiers of hell had big long ears and fluffy cotton tails.  Their reputation seemed set and they had lost the respect to the creatures they shared the land with.  No amount of science or carpentry or artistic flourish could change the carnage that had come before.  There was however one species that didn’t revile the rabbits, no they revered them.  The very species that had unified the rabbits could be the ones to save them and give them renewed purpose.  The uncontrollable anger they felt as they were being used by mankind was melting away.  Man was still a lumbering destructive fool, but they always had a pure heart.  The bunnies had lost interest in battle and no longer lusted for vengeance, there was a better way to live.  It was time to adopt the reputation bestowed on them by man, be the adorable peaceful creatures that were beloved…and of course they already had a plan.


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