Tails of Rabbitopolous

Chapter Seven


For the Brown and Grey rabbits it was an easy choice to uphold a ceasefire, until they could adapt to the changes of the landscape.  They had spent a great deal of time observing men stomp across the world, learning where the safe zones lay and how to manipulate man directing their damaging presence at each other.  Smart however was not in the play book for the Whites, at least not any more.  Logic is a subjective philosophy.  To the Whites their own actions make complete sense, to an observer they appear as mad as the iconic hatter, that connection no coincidence.  Decision making may have fallen to madness, but the hierarchy of choice was still present.  The choices themselves however, were a wonder a wacky whimsy.  Theatrics dazzled their foes’, never afraid to take risks and make use of the skills learned through the torments of show, although this lack of fear may be an ever growing symptom of their institutionalised insanity.  Now free to frolics in the fires of war their attacks grew in figure, ferocity and fanatical purpose.  With each attack a new level of strange was introduced into a war-front traditionally fought in ruthless paw to paw fashion…except when the humans were ‘subtly’ harnessed.  As a result the accord was broken, the old channels of communication were ignored as the Whites moved further and further into madness.  All factions would rejoin the quest for Rabbitoplous, but none quite like these wacky White.

With the art of cloak and dagger, the use of smoke and mirrors, a simple rabbit hole could become a weapon.  Beginning as a trap to thin numbers and turning to a dastardly trick.  In Mans’ world a common tool of defence was the use of land mines, hidden from sight with deadly consequences for anyone foolish enough to try and cross a minefield.  Stealing this idea from man rabbit holes would be the Whites version, all be it less deadly and certainly less explosive.  As rival factions approached they would fall to traps, while the Whites navigated with ease and stormed towards their foes.  This made for a sound tactic but when these harmless holes turned to laborious labyrinths, they had jumped away from the norm.  A maze of tunnels stretched under the earth and while rabbits may like burrows, this certainly wasn’t the same.  Tunnels for miles, layered in confusion, with more hidden rabbit holes contained.  Those beleaguered bunnies buried deeper and deeper as a white wave raged on the surface.  Rabbits were lost tumbling through tunnels, desperate to escape.  While others would roll further, bounced through long winding trenches to re-appear in the world, flung far from whence they came.  As their use grew and the camouflage used improved, paranoia swept the battlefields.  Where were did they lay these irritating new traps and were they even there at all?  An effective weapon, both physically and mentally, but certainly not the strangest to be seen.

Rabbits are synonymous with carrots, ask any human child and they’ll tell you rabbits love carrots.  Its utter nonsense, rabbits couldn’t care less about carrots and given a choice would never eat them.  If they can’t pilfer any other vegetable from a farm or allotment then sure, they’ll give carrots a go.  This connection of creature and food actually began as a result of a man witnessing rabbits and carrots together and jumping to conclusions.  Foolishly those witnesses believed it must be because they were eating them and due to so many sightings they ignorantly decided that carrots were a rabbit’s favourite food.  There’s a saying about assuming and never was it more relevant than here.  Through the world of show the Whites were exposed to a wonderful world of entertainment, when they weren’t suffering at the hands of man of course.  In the magical community there are many traditional elements of a show.  White rabbits were of course one and another was swordplay, of many varieties.  Now, considering the Whites are deluded with ‘magical purpose’, they too believed swordplay could be harnessed in their ‘act’.  Forging iron and steel is slightly beyond a rabbit, however clever they may be.  The idea however was set, but what could be used?  Carrots of course!  Shaved to a point and fashioned to a blade the White rabbits brandished these quasi-weapons to mass confusion.  Hilariously non-lethal, the Whites would charge waving their carrot swords, or ‘swarrots’, in a slashing manner at their rivals.  With an absence of potential injury the other bunnies were left to ponder “why?”  Attempting to understand madness will only leave you more confused, another tool in the arsenal of the Whites.  If confusion wasn’t enough, being savagely smacked with a piece of food was greatly humiliating.  A flagrant disregard for starvation, purposefully diminishing food supplies intending to enrage those they faced.  Forgetting of course, that none of the other rabbits cared about carrots, their use was still highly annoying.  It did however prompt potential mistakes from those attacked, who would lose focus whilst being savaged by a vegetable.   The unintended result was the mass stockpiling of carrots by all factions, the whites driven by insanity, the others driven by a need to bring sanity back and to get rid of food source they’re not keen on.  Much like human children and brussel sprouts.  Thus the stereotype was born, rabbits and carrots married together in Mans limited perception of the world around them.  The race would continue for every carrot found a new weapon could be forged.  Be it shaved soaring spears for smashing defences or blunted blades for bashing bunnies.  All man would see is rabbits love carrots.

This wouldn’t be the only man made myth connecting rabbit and object.  The next tactic adopted would capture the attention of mankind and result in a tale that the rabbits wouldn’t approve of.


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