Tails of Rabbitopolous

Chapter Six


Battles began once again over the sprawling fields of war.  From gardens to the wild, petting zoos and pet stores, all hidden from human eyes but ever present.  The unexpected re-emergence of the almost forgotten white rabbits brought fantastical devastations never see before.  The tricks of magicians were an oddity from the battles of the past, the likes of which shocked the foundation of how this war would continue.  With a vastly developed knowledge of hidden compartments, stealth and concealment became a trick of choice and a very valuable means of attack.  Debatably a science or art form, smoke and mirrors heralded decisive dangers.  Swiftly moving unnoticed and reappearing with dramatic flair, the theatre of war had at last cast a leading role that would stun critics and yield mixed reviews.  Light shows and pyrotechnics all stolen from a life on stage dazzled and distracted foes, proving effective and deadly.  Worst still however was the bewildering belief that they were truly bestowed with magic.  Yet with all the horrors a bunny could dream of, nothing compared to the inadvertent damage inflicted by mankind.

With a self centred disregard for the living nature around them mankind marched onward leaving destruction in their wake, not that they would notice.  There was never a true advantage that could be claimed, as at anytime man could appear meandering haphazardly though his self important life.  Each faction bearing a unique cross of damages inflicted upon them.  White still felt the horrors of animal testing, though the more ethically aware human society shunned these actions.  As man’s world grew and more nations established themselves, the new and less ethical men would take over the torturous testing, the Whites never safe.  Yet those who claimed to be more ethically aware weren’t except from inflicting torment.  Mankind’s children had fallen in love with bunnies of all furs and the demand to have their own fluffy bunny to love and hold would only grow.  To appease its offspring, man expanded its pet supplier enterprises.  As dangerous as the pet industry was before, when man created vast franchises of pet commerce, the care and attention that bunnies received vastly diminished.  Conditions got worse for the Browns held in captivity, waiting to become a pet to a careless child of man.  Only the fluffiest and cutest rabbits would survive, if you can truly call being displayed in cramped cages for children to judge and gaze upon a life worth surviving for.  The worst was felt by more than just the warring rabbits, human biology had reared its ugly head and would produce far reaching damage.

The natural world would come under attack by the urban sprawl.  As humans bred unrestricted and in many cases unnecessarily, a need for more space became a greater priority for those reproductively obsessed males and worse in the females.  Spreading further and further infecting the beauty of nature.  Like a plague or resilient virus that would branch out in all directions to settle new host locations.  Famed and subsequently stereotyped for their prolific breeding reputation, rabbits would do miniscule damage to the environment around them with far greater numbers.  Alas this shows again the horrors of humanity, unknowingly wreaking havoc upon the rest of the natural world due to their uncontrolled libido.  The forests and woodlands would fall, the hills and plains were paved.  Man would take away the homes of the innocent creatures of the wild and set up residence in concrete, turning all around to stone.  The creatures that formerly frolicked in nature would be pushed from ancestral homes and in the case of the rabbits, even closer to bloody battlefields.  With space growing tight it became harder to hide from the fighting.  The innocents were now at risk, there was no peace to raise young bunnies as the threats of human development and being pushed closer to hostile factions, were a daily menace.  The Greys would watch helpless as their homes in the wild disappeared and made the desire for Rabbitopolous more present in their minds.  Of course all woodland creatures were affected, from hedgehogs to squirrels and even some of the foxes intelligence agencies felt the pain of mans scarring sprawl.  Most of the foxes to be fair saw it coming, but there’s always the odd espionage operators who don’t pull their weight, but that’s not relevant here.  With battlefields and borders closer together, fights became far more common, with enemies potentially around every corner.  Gardens would border the woodlands, so pets could escape their hutches gathering into gangs and storming into the wild woods.  Battles had escalated into guerrilla warfare, quick and devastating attacks by young brash bunnies led by their precautious pride.  Those residing in the woodland would return the favour, infiltrating behind the fences of man.  All however were insignificant as mankind continued its grand expansion, conquering the natural world.  Sources of food in the woodland became contested and in fighting was common place, a dangerous distraction when war surrounds.  Mans machines of ‘development’ upturned life in the wilds, ploughing through the natural world leaving plots of land uninhabitable and killing any and all creatures of the woodland unable to escape the ploughs of progress.  Burrows were ravaged and land was scorched, anything left standing was re-appropriated by man.  In their own selfish way creating beauty with gardens and parks, yet for this to exist, a world would be sacrificed.  To fight a war was turmoil enough, these human horrors would need to inspire a change in the rabbits or it wouldn’t just be the eradication of a single faction, the entire species would be at risk.

As time passed the skirmishes between rabbits decreased.  To human eyes it would appear these fluffy, cotton-tailed creatures lived happily together, their secret war quiet but far from over.  An unspoken accord filtered through the factions, its goal was to survive against the human threat.  This was by no means peace, attacks still prevailed no one accord could stop generations of hostile behaviour.  The smart play was to learn how to exist in this human dominated world without harm. Once they could navigate this new landscape in safety, the battles would recommence and the first faction to master the manic land of man could rise to Rabbitopolous.


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