Tails of Rabbitopolous

Chapter Three

If you thought man had mastery of the weather then think again. It’s those barometrically barmy bunnies that are the true weather wizards.  Man would mistakenly try and use machines to play god over weather, but the much smarter and more adorable bunny would harness the powers of nature them self. Not in some supernatural way, unless you ask the Whites.  No, these clever rabbits have a rare and wonderful gift to attune themselves to the magnetic forces of the planet.  Foxes have the same ability, although they’re often too busy chasing chickens and with their various exploits in espionage of course.  That however, is a story for another day.  Alone a rabbit can sense changes in the weather and have exceptional geographical awareness even in the dead of night.  This comes in far handier for those sly stealthy foxes, but again I digress.  In large numbers however they can tap into the magnetic energy that surrounds us all and effect subtle changes to weather conditions.  Better still, they gain an even more enhanced connection to the geographical landscape with the ability to target their weather based attacks.  Now to be fair this does sound like mystical nonsense, but neither man nor beast has ever witnessed the immense numbers of rabbits it would require to harness the weather.  It’s been said that Greys from all corners of the world came together to repopulate after they had been so savagely hunted and came upon this ability by chance. Others say that this was an ancient ability long forgotten and used in Rabbitopolous to keep food plentiful, grass green and skies clear.  Whatever the reason it was driven by revenge and as man says, it’s best served cold.

            The loveable fluffy pets would now find themselves in danger, left vulnerable in their exposed homes; be it hutches, gardens or grand petting zoos.  This unexpected change in conditions at the furious furry paws of the Greys, brought a deathly cold chill.  A sudden drop in temperature, coupled with the slow reaction of mankind, or inattention to react, resulted in many Browns succumbing to the elements and freezing to death.  In their self imposed trap with no way of escape, the befriendment of man had come at a great cost.  This act of revenge had brought the Browns into the hazardous hands of humanity, the last of the factions to be harmed.  Their luxurious lifestyles under mans care made them feel safe from the war and safe from humanity.  Now all bunnies had felt the dangers of man and all realised what a powerful weapon they could prove to be.  Whether it be through harnessing their advantage of physical strength as a species, or their poor ability to care for anything other than themselves, man would be important to the future of all rabbits.

            Incidentally during this time the western world where the rabbits frolicked was subject to a series of extremely cold seasons.  Now I certainly don’t want to create any doubt that the Greys weren’t responsible for the changes to the weather, but it’s possible that these seasons helped matters in some way…if not being the actual reason.  Then again who am I to doubt the word of a bunny, after all they are far too cute not to believe.

            Now all three factions had now felt the ravages of humanity, there was once again a silence and a much needed one at that.  Though none of the factions became docile, they all needed time to recuperate. Peace, this was not.  It was however a good time to be a bunny, the horrors of manipulating mankind were becoming a distant memory and general rabbit life became easier.  They may not have been harnessing humanities horrific capabilities, but those malleable menaces had come to have great affection for their fluffy pets.  Rabbits of all kinds would try to take advantage of the love and kindness in the hearts of humanity, as they licked the wounds suffered at their hands.  It was a time to relax, a time to take stock of what had been lost and the quiet before the storm. A great flurry of snowy rage that would be the resurgence of a lost power, although not as the world remembered.


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