Tails of Rabbitopolous



As happens so often in life, the best of us are often the most dangerous.  It may not be intentional but in the quest to make a better world, suffering surely plays a part.  They say power corrupts regardless of race, gender or species.  Humanity for one marvels at its own wickedness but truly knows nothing about the depths that can be reached.  Never has the quest for paradise been more savage than in the animal kingdom.  Morality and intellect make mankind a far more devious species.  Yet if a human were to act in cruelty or be of ill repute they would be called an animal, a base and primal beast.  Why would this simple insult exist if subconsciously, they didn’t know the truth?  Man is not alone in the pursuit of utopian dreams, though they may be oblivious to it.

            Masked by a veil of adorability the most dangerous creature roaming the animal kingdom, as you can imagine, would be the humble bunny rabbit.  Revered by many as cute and lovable, these unassuming twitching menaces were responsible for some of the greatest horrors know to the world…well maybe not man but certainly beast.  Their legends tell tales of three factions locked in combat generations old.  There was the Noble Browns, calm and wise.  The Wild Greys, free and reckless.  Then of course the Mischievous Whites, a curious and wide-eyed breed…although they prefer to be known as “magical”.  The true reason for how the animosity began has been lost to time.  Peace between all rabbits had devolved into a power struggle, with stories capable of challenging any of mankind’s atrocities against each other.  What started this conflict is now just myth, three sides pulling in different directions shattering a once great union.  A great burrow would fall quiet, no-one faction allowed to reside alone.  All that remains now is the calling and belief that it belongs to them.  For generations the war raged, the claims growing ever bolder, till a throne was invented and a crown conceived.  Each faction believed they should reign yet no one group could claim total victory.  This was the war for Rabbitopolous.

            War by its nature is a horrid affair.  No-one truly wins you just try and lose less than the other guy.  Rabbits are no different trying to outdo one another.  For man this is easy, already the dominant species they can blunder through wars with little to no interference from another species.  Rabbits don’t have that luxury, evading their warring foes and mans inevitable interruptions created even greater peril for all three factions.  This was until a great invention fell to the paws of rabbits.  Never intended for anything more than a tool of war, it would start the rabbits on a path that would change their lives and the lives of mankind forever.  The course of the war altered and in its wake was the birth of a grand tradition.  Not for the rabbits of course, but one for man and its children.  The story of its conception unknown to mankind, their unrelenting ignorance would hide the origin of a sacred festival.  For what was wrongly believed a man made creation, rabbits were the true architects of a confectionary centred celebration.  As the bunnies made a delicious discovery they would rewrite the story of how Rabbitopolous could be won.  This peculiar tale was unknown to mankind who were unrelenting ignorant of the world around them and all began when the rabbits encountered a strange new plant, giving birth to a legend, enchanting the world beyond them.


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