Tails of Rabbitopolous

Chapter One


As we’re all now very well aware, rabbits invented sugar.  Known for their scientific prowess the Greys were also quite agriculturally adept.  They wanted to use these skills as a weapon but growing crops didn’t offer many options.  Initially their plans fixated on poison, to grow something that could be used to devastate their foes.  With that goal they entered the world of genetic modification.  It was a laborious task but when that first sweet stalk of salvation shot from the ground the Greys work had paid off.  Then man entered the picture.  Developing a taste for this sweet crop the Greys new weapon would be blocked from them, man taking ownership and all that hard work for nothing.  Missions were launched to recover even a small amount in hopes of gaining the upper hand.  Alas these became suicide missions; it would appear that even with all the adorability these bunnies had cultivated it didn’t extend to farmers.  Sugar was lost but never forgotten and as the years past and the war continued, humanity became unhealthy obsessed with their new favourite crop.  This did not go unnoticed by the rabbits.  Amazed that their poison had no immediate effects on man, they observed what was done with it, waiting for an opportunity to present itself and reclaim what they had made.

            Though mankind’s appearance was expected, on the whole rabbits knew very little of them.  Large and dangerous, they presented a threat to life without any hint malice, or knowledge of their actions.  Disheartened by their loss, the Greys couldn’t hold man accountable, much as they’d like.  Usually man’s intervention in their affairs was born of ignorance, being at the wrong place and the wrong time.  Blundering into something they couldn’t possibly understand and messing everything up.  The thievery of sugar was different, man had shown a new level of dominance over the world.  Neither the Greys nor the Browns liked this change, they saw humans as less than them, unimportant.  As the war consumed their focus mankind had grown from simple apes to… well… less simple apes lacking as much fur.  All three factions would watch in anticipation, maybe man could be of some use if stimulated correctly.  The Brown’s watched for signs of intellect, the Grey’s watched to see what they were using the sugar for and the White’s, they just watched and grew enthralled.

            One of the great observations was humans enjoy whimsy.  Rabbits could care little for the fantastical daydreams of the lumbering ‘sugar thieves’.  The Whites, curious by nature, had grown fascinated with the human ability to weave intricate stories all for entertainment.  Where the other factions regarded humans as uninspired simpletons, the Whites saw something different.    They would begin to involve themselves in humanities exploits, believing that mankind’s lust for joy could be exploited.  This however had mixed results, some of which were quite disastrous for the Whites, but ultimately necessary.  Their naive curiosity would force a change in their perspective that would alter the entire faction, leading of course to a bizarre escalation in the scope of the war.

            The interactions with humanity diminished the Whites numbers.  With confident strides sprung from their curiosity, they hopped closer to the deranged dangers man’s raging ego.  The faction was divided as some were shipped off to become props in entertainment, whilst others would fall to the wonderful world of animal testing.  A great genocide would befall the Whites, poked and prodded, sprayed and slathered all so man could experiment without endangering themselves.  Vanity was truly one of mans worst inventions.  Innocent lives lost all so humans could feel pretty.  To be fair, compared to rabbits, mankind needs all the help it can get.  The males tend to need a lot more help in the prettiness department, yet ironically the beauty industry is built around the far more attractive females.  Sadly this all came at a cost for rabbits.  For the others insanity took hold.  They were alive but the exposure to the world of human entertainment, particularly the world of magic, was too much to bear and minds would be inevitably warped.  With numbers dwindling the ‘showbiz elite’ rose to power in the faction.  While many Whites fled fearing for their lives and their sanity, the mad magic props took advantage, safe on high from their ivory cages.  The damaged White rabbits struggled against each other to lead their kin to safety. This was no civil war in the faction, the mad showbiz props would take charge without a fight.  Though the magically disinterested rabbits still tried to guide the way to Rabbitopolous, their numbers would dramatically drop and open the door to a more deranged direction.   Humanity would ultimately decide which of the Whites survived, death by ‘science’ or life in madness.

            A new hatred for man rose in the aftermath.  What started with stealing the Grey rabbit’s sweet creation and using it for their own perverse needs, turned to using rabbits themselves in far more perverse ways.  As the hatred grew man remained oblivious to the plights of the Whites.  The want for bunnies in the business of show would lessen as time passed but the need for them in ‘science’ wouldn’t falter.  More and more rabbits would be sacrificed the voice of sanity growing quiet.  The inbred insanity of generations of ‘acting’ had blossomed into a belief.  The magic that surrounded their lives was real and they were imbued with its power.  Their hatred for man would eventually turn to reverence; they were the mentors of magic and could teach them a new way of life.  As the pure Whites were being wiped out, the rest had temporarily ultimately forgotten about the war for Rabbitopolous.  When they would finally awake after years of mans abuse their purpose would renew.  Stronger and crazier than before, with a passionate desire to go home, the White’s would take the magic learned from humanity into the war and vow revenge on mankind itself.

            Whilst the Whites were missing, entangled in mans cruel grasp, the other two factions battled on, yet they too would have encounters with man’s ignorance, with chaotic consequences.


10 thoughts on “Tails of Rabbitopolous

  1. I’m trying to imagine what could possibly inspire this..a bunny fetish?? HA! It’s very interesting though. I’ll be brutally honest, I don’t like finding time to read bigger pieces. But I hope I’ll eventually work my way through these 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not overly fond of larger pieces either I really just needed a home for it and it gave me the push I needed to start the blog. As for where the idea came from it was a something I done at work. April 2015 was pretty quiet so I started writing an Easter story. It was meant to be a way shorter story but I likes where it was going kept it up as something to do when work was quiet. I do like rabbits in a non fetish way but I’m also mostly deranged. I know its quite the commitment to get through, especially some of the later parts but i really hope you enjoy!

      Liked by 1 person

            1. It does a bit, although you’re a tad more hardcore. Don’t know if I could do the vegan thing but I’ve yet to find the diet that suits me. Years of eating like a student had me developing some bad habits. I also gave up alcohol a bit before that don’t miss that at all but I so sometimes crave sugar. Thankfully im blessed with willpower…I think.

              Liked by 1 person

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